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    I would like an app that i can plot points on GPS. Like, if i were walking through the woods and wanted to plot a spot to stop where say i wanted to fish, or i saw some animal tracks or something. So i could click on it and get directions back or to it. Or if i was fishing a long river and found a few spots, to put a marker on them. Also, i want an app or add on so i can post where i am on facebook, a buddy of mine has it on his android OS phone.
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    ...will do some of what you are looking for....minus the directions.
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    can't you just do that from Google Maps? "Drop a pin," (at least that is how its labeled on the Google Maps I use) and then use that as a navigational point for later?
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    Dropping a pin isn't something that can be done on the default webOS Google Maps Application so far as I know.
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    I wish dropping pins was an option. That is a very nice feature on the iPhone.
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    Oh; I thought it was just part of Google Maps. My bad.
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    I can do that on my ipod touch. I think i downloaded the maptool but i couldnt get it working or something. is there a tutorial?
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    foursqaure will let people know where are....i find it silly though.
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    try Holiday Trip, it has most of what you want free.

    otherwise, check for gps apps with high ratings in the catalog.
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    I have really been thinking that we are mising a gps app with topo maps and bookmarks/favorite location functionality. Kind of like a handheld gps for outdoors. One problem is lack of a builtin compass.

    Something like BackCountry Navigator would be nice. BackCountry Navigator | Mobile Map Software for Outdoor Recreation

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