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    My Pixi had a fun morning yesterday. It got dropped in the toilet...yep, the toilet. I was super upset and it was my fault, I about had to kick my own ****, lol. I got it out real quick like, took it all apart lightning fast and dried it all off. I let it sit all day and dry out and last night I put the battery back in and it came on. I have a new one coming to me cause I wasn't sure it would work but it does. Not sure yet if it's fully functional but as for now it works. The only thing I can see that's wrong is there is a darker strip of color on the screen, on anything you bring up to look at, from the water I'm sure. So glad i have insurance that is for sure! I also bought a case so it won't live in my back pocket and hopefully this will never happen again. I've never dropped a phone in water and it sucked that it was my brand new phone grrrr.
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    After going through all that process the other day. Keep testing it to see if any serious problem(s) come up. Be careful next time.
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    Yeah, once, my Pre slipped into my bathroom sink, as it was charging next to it, all night and had my faucet drip on it for 8 hours. When I found it it was soaked, I immediately removed the power supply and shook the water out of the handset. I had a mini-fan blow it air dry for several hours afterward and then it started working again after it was finished. The truth is that most phone can survive water exposure if the power source is removed quickly to prevent short-circuiting and air dried with cool air - never set it someplace hot, as this will cause the water drops to turn into water vapor, then you'll never get the water out.
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    General rule of thumb is to not attempt to turn it on after being soaked. Immediately pull the battery out and stick the whole phone in a sealed baggie of white rice (or lots of silica gel packs) for a day or two. The rice/gel should suck the water right out.
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    I dropped mine in a cup of coffee. The keyboard was completly submurged. I took it out and let it dry for a day. It works like nothing ever happened except sometimes the space button doesn't work
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    I'm paranoid about the toilet. I never used to keep the lid closed, but since I got my Pre I've been closing it.
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    My wife dropped hers in the toilet a couple of weeks ago too. She pulled the battery out immediately...i think that's key to saving it. Dried it off with a towel and then stuck it in front of a fan for 3-4 hrs. It seems to be I'll effects. We also have the insurance on it but ours sprcifically excludes water damage coverage. I guess if the phone fried they probly would have covered it so long as we didn't tell them it was water related.
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    I'm happy to know I'm not the only one. My phone seems to be fine and I jumped the gun and did the insurance thing so another one will be here tomorrow. I will probably give them a call and see if I can't just return it to them and refund the 100 bucks. We will see. Thanks for sharing everyone. I wouldn't have thought of the rice trick, great ideas guys
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    Interesting thread. Having a Pixi myself, I'm convinced the it is too small, thin and light for stuff like this to happen. (This would less likely happen with a Treo.) Once, I put my Pixi on my lap when driving, it always slides between the car crevaces.

    HP, can you make a Pixi brick next time? (just a tad bit thicker and heavier.)

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