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    with the update will there be some actual good apps for my pixi now? maybe even possibly vba?
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    I bought Raging Thunder 2 today and thoroughly enjoy it. In short, yes, the app scene is improving with the new update. I don't know about VisualBoyAdvance though.
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    No vba, no ExZues, no Radiant, no Crusade, no Cosmic Nitro, in fact there are just a handful of decent 3d games so far. Raging Thunder being one, Need for Speed, Sims 3, Assassins Creed, Monopoly. I was thinking of picking up Creed but haven't yet. The PDK games I've been interested in are still for Pre only atm, but that can all change. From what I've seen of most peoples Metrix logs when they posted them to out the Road Runner devices(like this for example), there about a 60/40 split between Pre and Pixi users on average, so I think we shall see more being re-worked for Pixi. I hope at least.
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    D'oh, Raging Thunder 2 won't save/load progress. Ah well. I've sent a bug report. Otherwise, great game!

    UPDATE: Polarbit released a fix. The company's been very good about getting their games working on the Pixi.
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    assassins creed and raging thunder 2 and monopoly were terrible

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