G'day all from Australia.
Total newby to the forum and WebOs and posting this get help setting up my brand new Pixi Plus from AT&T USA.
I have been using Treo 650 and 680's for a few years now and love em, and thought i'll try a Pixi.
Can anyone point me in the right direction in setting this thing up with Telstra.
It's was locked to AT&T, I rang them and was told it will be locked till 31 Dec 2010 due to there system over there, so i got a Rebelsim Card in the post a couple days ago.
That seems to have unlocked the phone, now showing Telstra Mobile in the corner, but i can't activate it because I can't connect to the web. It's asking for APN.
I have tried (telstra.iph) also (telstra.internet) that i read in other posts but nothing works.
Sorry to be long winded, just want to start using this new fangled bit of kit.