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    bought palm pixi plus new in box off ebay a month ago, now the touch screen will not work, makes phone almost immpossible to use is there any help. Did take out battery, no luck. any suggestions
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    Are you using a screen protector?

    If all else fails see if doctoring it fixes the problem.

    How To Recover - WebOS Internals

    And you'll probably have to follow this part of the process

    If your PC does not recognize your Pre and you cannot go past step 3 above, try the following steps:
    With the USB cable connected, completely power off the Pre (hold down the power button until the option to power off appears)
    Hold down the Up button on the volume rocker
    While holding the Up button, power on the Pre
    "Next" should now be enabled - proceed with the recovery

    The above steps will put the Pre into bootloader recovery mode and should allow the PC to recognize your device and proceed with the restore. In this mode the screen will display a giant USB logo instead of the usual Palm startup logo.
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

    HOW TO: Zip/Unzip via Pre/Pixi using Terminal
    HOW TO: Modify DTMF audio (webOS 1.4.5 or earlier)
    Palm Pre wallpapers
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