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    Does anyone know how to transfer protected itunes movies to the palm pixi for free? I have a lot of movies I got from digital copy combo packs, but it won't let me put them on my phone. I've used free trials for DRM software, but it says I have to buy it to transfer it to the correct file type.
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    You can actually sync files from iTunes if only you are using iTunes 9.0.1 or earlier with the use of the Media sync option on the phone...

    and unfortunately media sync does not support higher/newer versions of iTunes

    Media sync transfers both protected (DRM) and unprotected media files from iTunes to your phone. However, your phone can only play unprotected media files. Even though the protected (DRM) files do not play back on the phone, the protected files still take up space in your phone's memory.
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    As far as I know, there's no way to strip the DRM off of video from iTunes. I don't think webOS will play most DRMed content either. Wish I had better news, but unfortunately that's how Apple ties people to iPods and how the movie industry screws paying customers.
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    You might want to look into Tunebite. The program is not free but does the job you are talking about faster than any other program. I used to use it for a subscription based services to remove the DRM.

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