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    i am new in the webos/palm word.
    and here comes the question: is it possible that when the new release of webos 2.0 comes to the devices, will not come to the pixi cause it is like "the poor device"?
    i am about to buy one, but i am affraid that happen something like is happening to the android devices, that they are stacked in whatever version of the OS they have (more or less)
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    If you are on Sprint, I wouldn't consider a Pixi in the first place just on the basis on not having WiFi.
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    ohh, no no.
    i should have said it before.
    i am in germany, so i can get pre plus and pixi plus without any sim-lock
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    Since Ruby came from Apple, I would bet he follows their hardware support model. I believe the original iPhone could run its OS until 4.0. So I would defintely expect WebOS 2.0 to be supported on the Pixi. The Pixi and the Plus are the same phone sans wifi. The Plus is much less than a year old. No worries here. We aren't in the android world.
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    That is funny, the Android world yes I know so many Android devices and they dont distribute their os versions accross the board.
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    I don't see why it wouldn't run on a Pixi. webOS 2.0 SHOULD be improving performance, which is something the Pixi (and stock Pre) pretty much lack in.

    So if anything, it should an essential update to those devices. Not to mention how burned we would all be if they never did release 2.0 to 1st gen palm devices...
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    The Pixi is a newer phone than the Pre - it's just aimed at people who wanted a cheaper phone. I don't think they will limit it. The thing about android is that they have different phones made by different companies. Each of the different companies apply their own skins/UIs/software/random bits to the basic operating system which then means some, especially older devices, are not compatible with some upgrades.
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    The Pixi is a great phone, had mine since march, and even sans WiFi, its been an amazing piece of tech for me. All updates so far have run on it, and patches + kernels make it plenty snappy and useful (was good without them, just better with) Have fun with your purchase and enjoy!
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    I need to get to ten posts, so I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the devs and all the other knowledgeable and helpful people of the Palm community. You guys rock!
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    thank you all guys for the answers!
    i hope taht in a few days i will have the pixi plus in my hands!

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