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    Remember this phone needs 1000ma charger... alot of cheap chargers out there are 800 and your phone may drain if playing music or using nav.
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    $3.97 for the Pixi's touchstone back here in New York. Thanks for the notice!
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    Just received Touchstone from Verizon. Great find - $10 and free overnight shipping
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    Quote Originally Posted by timjhenry View Post
    One thing I wanted to note. I grabbed a Touchstone at Radio Shack today and plugged it into my car charger from Monoprice. It said it was charging but it continued to discharge instead. To make sure the Touchstone wasn't busted, I tried it on the official Palm wall charger and it worked. Sooo, I don't know how far you'll get with a Monoprice charger. I just grabbed an official Palm car charger off ebay for $15 shipped, so hopefully that'll do the trick.
    Thanks for the heads up. But I only got the USB cables from Monoprice and charge at work via a USB hub to a Mac. It works for that environment. The cheapo car charger I got from Amazon and that will be redundant with the coming car charger from Verizon touchstone/charger bundle.
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    Thanks I called up multiple radioshacks here in Indianapolis area and was able to get a 3.97 ts cover and two docks for 7.97 each....might have been the last in the whole area cause I had to go to 3 stores to get the last of each item. Would like one for the car but with a dock at home and office I'm covered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahitz View Post
    here's the link. You may have to set your location first but then it should take you there.

    If that link doesn't work for you:
    • Go to Verizon Wireless accessories
    • Enter your location if asked to
    • "Shop by Phone"
    • Palm->Palm Pre Plus (not Pixi).
    • Select the Type "Chargers and Batteries" and "Go".
    • On the left, go to "More Ways To Refine" and click "Bundles"

    You should see the $9.99 bundle for the vehicle charger and touchstone. These work fine for a Pixi as well.
    Be aware that that isn't the Palm car charger, and may not fit or work with the bundled Touchstone, although it may work okay with the Pre/Pixi itself. {Jonathan}
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    Got a touchstone in at my local Radio Shack which included the inductive cover for my Pre for 9.97. It was the last one! Thanks!
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    i really want to have touchstone and the battery cover, no luck
    shipping its not available for my country
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    I'm glad a lot of you have been able to get the touchstone and touchstone back cover for a great price...glad I could share this with y'all
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