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    So I'm new to owning a Pixi+ and also to the forums, and have 2 questions that may have already been beaten to death on here, but I'll ask anyways...

    1. What in the hell is with all the GPS-location stuff on the phone? I know you can turn it off and all that, but still, does anyone know what the purpose of it is? I can't find a good answer on all the "Data Collection" and all that.

    2. The battery on my Pixi lasts barely a day. I'm used to having a smartphone that lasts almost 4 days, and all I do on it is text moderately and post things 2-3 times a day to Twitter/Facebook, and use internet occasionally. This eats up battery that fast, or is the battery just not that great to begin with?

    Thanks for any input/advice on this!
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    The GPS has several purposes, you can use it with applications such as Google Maps for navigation. The Sprint Pre comes with Sprint Nav for turn by turn directions.

    Many applications use it to detect your location and provide more accurate information, such as helping you find your nearest pizza parlor or grocery store. It can really come in handy when you are traveling in an area you are not familiar with.

    GPS also helps emergency services locate you, in case of some type of emergency and you can't talk or pinpoint where you are.

    Yes, they eat batteries faster. The more powerful a smartphone is and the more it can do, the faster it will drain a battery. You will find this true of all top of the line phones like the iPhone and Android phones. Since the Pre actually does even more, at once, than those ones do, with it's true multi-tasking, it is no exception to the rule.

    There are posts on here with advice on how to prolong your battery life and many of us just purchase a spare or two, that way we can swap out, when needed!
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    I typed Pre in my post, because it's what I use and am used to, but everything I said still applies to the Pixi, too.
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    Thanks for all the info, I just found the "Battery Tips" page on here and did a few things it suggested to extend the battery life.
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    Very welcome! If you have any other questions, you can use the search or just ask. We've got great people on here who are always willing to help.
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    Welcome to P|C and the world of webOS. You may find some useful information here:
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