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    so I was on the rocks for a long time this month, I started a new contract with sprint on the second of the month. Very iffy if I should move from tmobile to sprint but I wuld save 150 dollars a month by doing so so I went for it got the family unlimited data plan and got my gf the intercept (love hate) and I wanted the evo, now I just came froma vibrant so speed plus beautiful screen is hard to find a phone that lives up to it. So I went in since the evo is out of stock virtually everywhere and got the 9650 until they did, well I hated blackberries browser so I decided to take the leap to the pre well the store didn't have any, so I went for the pixi. Now at first it was ok the mulltitasking was amazing speed was dismal compared to my vibrant, but I installed preware added uber and govanh and holy crap I love this phone small screen and all it's fast stable and it works perfect for me. Now I'm getting the pre from crzycrkr on this forum for 150 bucks new and a touch stone so I experience both and I'm very happy that I went with webos this os is leagues aboves it competitors only os that can compete is android. Now that I found my device and I have found my os. Just need to wait for palm to release a great new device to smash everyone. I love this forum and I love my pixi and soon to be pre. The only thing I hate is camera speed and how the browser doesn't resize but I can live with it.
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    They are great smartphones!

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