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    Strangely enough this occurs sometimes with my phone as well... for some reason, every once in a while my custom mp3s that ive loaded into my phone for ringtones just seem to not want to play. You can verify that by going into the ringtone selection area and trying to tell it to play... if it delays for a long time in playing, sounds terrible, or wont play at all when you push the play button, it wont play at all when your phone rings.

    Ive managed to correct this by deleting the ringtone I use, resetting the phone, then loading a new copy with one iteration higher (eg ringtone1 becomes ringtone2) having preware rescan the device and all is good.

    why does it do that? I dont know... but thats what I do to fix it... and just to throw it out there, this started happening after 1.4.5 came out.
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    My Pre does this every once in a great while, but I hate to talk on the phone, so it's never bothered me! LO
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