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    As you and I both know, smartphones' charges don't last long. Especially when we do so many things on them. I go to school and I saw something on ebay that I thought might be awesome. It's a external battery charger that you charge at home and take with you, and when your battery is running low on your pixi/plus you just plug it in and charge your phone.

    The question I have is: Does it actually work?

    Any ideas? Thanks

    Oh and the link is htts:// (change the s to a p because I can't post links yet I believe).
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    I dont see why it would not work. But i would just get extra battery's and then the palm spare battery charger that what i have and it works great i have Palm pre plus and a sprint pixi plus hybrid with wifi I added wifi to it i have about 8 battery's
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    When visiting family in California I came across a similar device in BestBuy and it clearly stated it was compatible with the Palm Pre. I think it was made by Belkin?

    They're a good idea if you truly can't be bothered to remove and replace your battery which in terms of longevity is the better option.

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