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    Having just upgraded from a Treo 680, now that a GSM webOS device is available, I find that I'm missing the use of a stylus. This is due largely because I've several PalmOS apps in Classic that were of course design for the use of a stylus. The webOS, which I love, is just frustrating to use in that environment.

    MotionApps has their nav bar but it's not that great to move the cursor from field to field or scrolling in a database app like Filemaker Mobile, or even Pocket Quicken.

    I appreciate any insight, recommendations, apps, or guidance in overcoming this frustration, 'cause I'm loving the Pixi Plus.
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    you can buy a stylus designed for multi touch screens such as ipod or pre.
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    Just bear in mind that any stylus will still have to be almost the size of a finger to work on a capacitive touch screen. (about 8 mm)

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