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    You guys have had the update we've all been waiting months for now, and there is almost no information on this forum about it yet.

    Someone answer my most burning question: can you finally run VBA/Scumm/etc. with 1.4.5?!
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    Heh heh. Your subject will be edited soon, methinks. Ah well.

    I'm going to be testing out some Pre-only apps on my girlfriend's Pixi later tonight when she gets home. Gonna try the newest VBA beta dtzwill just released, as well as some more PDK stuff. App catalog was sparse and I was running off 36+ hours awake at the point. App cat searching is better now, and I'll be testing some more homebrew out on it.

    It's been years since I messed with SCUMM, but seeing as how my just-received GP2x Wiz supports it, I'll probably try it out later down the line on her Pixi. VBA is a sure test. I also have to reinstall 90-100ish patches back onto the Pre after an oversight I made (left a patch on that got stuck in no remove or update limbo) and decided to EPR it and start clean, as I had some conflicts anyway. And also figure out psx4all on my Wiz. Lotsa homebrew work ahead of me, lol
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    they are not a very talkative bunch for sure!
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    Im not sure what update we have had for months? The Sprint Pixi's were running on just like the Pre's.

    Now after last night we have 1.4.5 and some 3d games now. My daughter got ***. Creed for her Pixi. I'll compare it to mine on the Pre and let you know.
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    pdk games work great, although they have to be pixi compatible.

    I'll try out vba and get back to you.
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    VBA is a no go. Pops up to say that I am on an unsupported device (Sprint Pixi)
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    Yes I can confirm even the newest betas are not Pixi compatible even if installed through WOSQI. When tapped in launcher, it just lights up for a few seconds and fades.

    I did get Jump'o'Clock and Glyder 2 working, however.

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