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    I just got the brightest idea on how olto store about 10GB of pictures I have of my son. I have a picture reduce size utility that I can shrink a picture from a 3MB file to only like 115KB w/o loosing much pixalation and it made since to me just now with the Pixi's low memory chip of only 8GB. So I could still be able to carry all my picture library like I do on my 32GB iPhone and enjoy them all on the go in a reduce size.

    When I'm done with this project I will let you know how many picture folders I was able to shrink in size and how much memory it took with the already reduced size.

    Please let menknow what you think about this bright idea.
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    Sounds like a plan, your excitement really comes through in your typing.
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    I would you could even store some (or all if you were to get a premium account) in a dropbox or something similar and have some free space on the Pixi
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    Yes but I want to have my pictures stored in my picture app and not through or via a server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i_maq View Post
    Sounds like a plan, your excitement really comes through in your typing.
    Thank you!
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    Good plan ... what are you using to do the resizing?
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    A free image resizer program that is compatible on Windows Vista. I'll post the name when I get home ok and perhaps a link where to download.
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    Put them all on Flickr and then they will take 0GB. Flicker has a decent mobile page and there are a number of apps for viewing Flickr photos not to mention some that will update your background with a new picture of your son every hour.
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    Thx that sounds good too.
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    A basic Flickr account will only show you the last 200 images uploaded.

    Pay for a PRO account, and this limitation is lifted.

    Have fun.
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    ^^ya sorry...I was thinking Pro account. Also gives you an off site backup of your photos.
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    I have Zumodrive on my computer and on my Pixi Plus and I my files are synced.

    chestvrg should try it.

    EDIT: and they're both FREE!
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    What is zumodrive? Is it like a USB drive?
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    It's very similar to Dropbox.

    ZumoDrive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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