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    Help. I just purchased the pixi and it's been pretty nice. I'm coming over from a 8330. The problem is that a significant share of people that I interact with have a BB and BB messenger. Also, I'm not sure about the battery life on this device. It's a good phone, the sound is good, it's fun, but I'm having some thoughts that maybe the 8530 should be considered as well. Anyone went through this.
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    8530 on boost mobile with everything plan is $60 boost = sprint.

    BUT there is a whole new set of phones that are going to be announced soon.. Hopefully you got a good deal on the pixi. I would wait another month or 2 with RIM and Palm going to release new phones for the holiday seasons coming up.
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    Pixi runs on WebOS a superior OS.
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    Battery life will be better on the BB, but webOS's messaging should make the transition painless (assuming that some sort of AIM or google client exists on BB).
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    pixi on sprint with wifi YA baby :P
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    My girl has the Sprint BB 8530. Her battery seems to last just about a day, so she has to charge every night. She uses mainly BBM, text, and some light e-mail checking, and very rarely uses the internet(facebook app once in a while). She does use the BBM extensively throughout the day though so that might not be helping with battery. Games are definitely a joke on the BB platform. I have no experience with the Pixi, but aside from BBM and louder speaker volumes, I don't see much to the Blackberry system at all...
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    Go with the Pixi. I was just debating on BB vs. Palm, and after realizing that in the past I have had nothing but problems with BB and absolutely no problems with Palm (after owning a few Treos and Centro) I quickly went with the Pixi Plus, and life has been good ever since

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