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    I had this game for my Sprint Pre and loved it. It was the one thing that I really missed on my Pixi. Now thanks to the Sprint 1.4.5 update I am reunited with this wonderful game!

    Simple but great graphics, fun sounds, and ADDICTING game play.

    For $2.99 it is a steal! It is the only game you will need if you like puzzle games.

    FIVE STARS! *****
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    I'm glad you like it, and glad to hear it works.

    I have an AT&T Pixi, and had to test it in an odd way. After the 1.4.0->1.4.5 saving glitch we all had a few weeks ago, I'd been eagerly awaiting the final word on the Pixi front.
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    Smiles [Drop Video, Zen Video] the award winning puzzle game is now on webOS 1.4.0+ (PDK)
    Now Available: Smiles Zen and Smiles Drop (standalone) with Pixi support! (1.4.5+ only)

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