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    I'm seriously considering upgrading my at&t line from a iPhone to a Palm Pixi Plus. I really like this phone and everything about it... except the apps. I use Chase Bank, AT&T, ING and Progressive insurance apps ALL the time and am wondering if anyone can tell me... are ANY of these apps available in the app store!? HELP! Thanks.
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    Stick with the iphone. I mean, i love my pixi, but i've had an ipod touch 2g and i wish i could combine it with the phone and 3g part of my pixi! The only thing the pixi has on the iphone is multitasking. I don't like how they incorporated multi tasking in 4.0, but the apps and functionality of the iphone combined with jailbreaking and using cydia blows the pixi away. Preware is sweet, but the iphone is sweeter.
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    Unfortunately, those apps aren't currently available for Palm WebOS phones, though many have asked for them and wished they were.
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