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    Im loving the Pixi+! I really am. I dont miss the slider at all and the keyboard feels so much better than the Pre keyboard. Its like night and day. I also really like the flatter feel more than the curved Pre (when the slider is open I mean). Screen size isnt bothering me at all but I do miss my games that I lost. My main issues are Im so used to the feel of the Pre in my pocket the Pixi+ feels like its gonna fall out anytime. It hasnt (yet) but I can just feel it coming. And I cannot for the life of me get used to the power button being on the left side. It feels so wrong to me. Like someone broke my phone and stuck the power button back on in the wrong place! lol. Aside from that and the games I really do like it and Im happy I made the switch. My service here at home is double what it was with Sprint now that Im on Verizon which was my main reason for switching in the first place so yeah!

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    haha, I agree to all of your comments. I switched from sprint pre to pixi hybrid and also love it. Hopefully with 1.4.5 release all the games will work on pixies. Keyboard is 100 times better than on the pre and I love that I don't have to constantly slide it open when I reply to sms or anything else that requires text input
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    I'm in love with my pre. :-) I'm happy for you though.
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    Kalex - I text so much and yes its far easier not having to open it up every single time. I didnt hate it but now that I dont have to do it Im that much happier. It really feels good though that now I can tell people the Pixi isnt as bad as the rap it gets and then they can decide if they want a Pre or Pixi.

    Rush - I love my Pre as well but more so I just love WebOS. I really expected to miss the Pre more than I do (so far) but just having WebOS I think is whats really making the switch so painless for me. Take away WebOS and Id be one very unhappy girl! I still might get a Pre+ off Ebay in a few weeks. Time will help me make that decission.
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    I don't know why its getting bad rap. Its very thin, light and works great for me. I don't mind the candy bar form factor either. It would be good if they can get rid of unused space in pre and get a bigger screen in there. Pre in pixi form factor would be awesome. Come on HP get us good hardware please and WebOS will take off
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    I like mine. I'll like it even more when I learn to use it better.
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    I made the same swith, well from Sprint pre to Sprint pixi.

    I too LOVE the pixi! only thing i wish it has was wifi (got to find a cheap + radio to swap in) and more games (1.4.5).

    The screen has no effect on my and am digging the improved battery life!

    It really is a great feeling to not have to always slide out the keyboard.
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    like the look and feel of the pixi. keyboard is easier to type on than a pre. bought the pre+ though since it has a bigger screen and faster processor which is what most consumers prefer as evidenced by the form factor and popularity of the latest android phones. no what i mean HP?
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    I just got my wife a Pixi and I really love it! I can't stop playing with it. Maybe it's because it's brand new and my Pre is a year old, but if the Pixi had the same processor and screen size as the Pre, I would definitely trade my Pre for one.
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    I switched from a Pre to a Pixi as well and the Pixi has always been faster.. At almost everything in fact. Did some head to head tests and everything was smoother. Weird huh?
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    Quite possibly the greatest thing about a switch is build quality. Pre can't come close to solidness that Pixi has
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    I wanna move from the Pre to the Pixi plus too . I need to find out how much it will cost me first.
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    I too made the switch from the pre to pixi, jus to try out the different hardware. I also like the feel and form of the pixi better, this weekend I switched back to the pre and it felt kinda flimsy.

    In terms of speed of the os, they're comparable. Close enough that it doesn't bother me. And I usually don't have more than several apps open at a time so that eliminates some lag as well. Sometimes I think the pixi would be such a good phone for so many ppl it's a shame it's not given a chance.

    I've decided to sell the pre and use the pixi exclusively while we wait for some new hardware announcement. I bought so many games for then pre that I never played lol, I'll probably miss wifi the most, since there are times I tether to my ipad.

    @ally I paid 100 even for a brand new pixi on sprint, on craigslist. U may be able to do better
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    Quote Originally Posted by allybasilic View Post
    I wanna move from the Pre to the Pixi plus too . I need to find out how much it will cost me first.
    I bought mine at at&t store for $226 out off contract, but now that i broke I have to take it to a repair center for an exchange.
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    Ally - You could try ebay. I was looking them up a few weeks ago before deciding to make the switch to Verizon and they really arent that much on there.

    I think the build quality is great too. It feels so solid. Havent really noticed much of a lag but I only have two or three cards open at a time max usually. I suppose if I tried to open 10 cards that might show some lag but I have no need to do so. The screen size the only time I notice that its smaller than the Pre is when Im in card view like when the card is first popping up or when Im scrolling through a few cards. I can tell its smaller at that point but once the card is open I dont notice it at all. My wifi seems to stay connected more than the Pre did (no idea why) and yesterday I decided to hook up to the mobile hotspot just to see if it really works and sure enough it was connected in seconds. Very nice. I dont miss the slider at all and I do love the keyboard. All in all Im very happy with my switch!


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