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    Hey there, best solution for me was, good old tesa.

    I took the backcover off and cut a few tesa strips with the lengh and width of the usb cover. I put around 5 layers of that precut tesa on the hole usb cover. There is not huge different in the look and feel of the cover, but the two parts (magnet and iron) are not touching anymore, so that it is very easy to lift up the usb cover, but they are strong enough not to flapping around.
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    I talked to Palm through live chat and after a few questions I have a touchstone back in the mail. When this one breaks I'll try out the magnetic paint idea.
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    I was on palm chat just now for over 10 minutes, answered all the questions, gave all my information only to be told that they need to have a copy of my proof of purchase for the backcover. Well, I don't have it anymore, so I am out of luck. Not sure what new phone I will be getting, but guess I will put up with this one until I do get another or shell out about $11 buck ebay for another one.
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    I ended up getting a call from Palm. They told me the same thing, grizzylemon. I told them I had no clue where the receipt was and that if all they could send was the orig back cover, I'd make due. Support told me they'd see what they could do. They sent me a touchstone cover (like I'd asked for). I thought that was a great showing of faith on their part.
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