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    I want to use my old wired headset with mic (don't like bluetooth because I travel a lot and hotels are usually skimpy on outlets so already have a tough time finding enough outlets for the stuff I already carry so don't need to add to it) Anyways I went to Radio Shack and just bought a 2.5mm to 3.5mm only has 2 rings on the male side which is apparently bad and the reason that the boom mic doesn't work and the mic on the pixi itself stays active. Well I'm bored in the hotel so I searched Radio Shack's website and came across this...will it work with a 2.5 mm single ear headset with boom mic and my Pixi??? Thanks for your help.

    On a side note I looked at it a little longer and now have no idea what size the male or female connections on this thing are...
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    If you bring a laptop with you you should look into a bluetooth that can charge off of USB. Bluetooth is smaller and easier. I have a motorola that works off my old motorola charger but also works off a mini usb like you use for a camera. So i can plug it into the pixi charger or my samsung charger or whatever. Not to make ya spend more money, just an idea!
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    That may work, but then that will add another cord to try to not forget at the hotel haha. Plus I already have a wired headset with boom mic and looking for the cheap fix...wont be able to justify spending money on a bluetooth for a few months.
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    Just looked at my first post and realized I forgot to link the link...Should be fixed now. Cant tell what sizes the jacks really are as the specs aren't really clear. Should be in a town where the hotel is close to a Radio Shack tomorrow so hopefully will be able to figure it out.

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