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    mine rebooted last night, also just lying there on the table.
    unfortunately i bought it in germany so i'll have to live with it ....
    as long as it doesnt happen while making a phone call, i guess i'll be okay, else it is back to my HTC Desire first time it happens ...
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    I have a few batteries and 1 of them has this wonderful quality, random shut off because the humidity, barometric pressure, chi, whatever isn't right in it's own little world.... And I never remember to put a mark on that battery lol so every couple days it hits rotation... Next time it happens, I have to remember to put it in my other pocket lol
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    I'll add yet another time of it shutting off. I mays well keep this thread as a tally... lol
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    You know what, my phone started acting up after my girlfriend gave me her touchstone. Her's went south after she started using the touchstone. Coincidence or issue?
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    My phone's shutting itself off randomly, also, and I've been using the touchstone lately. It shut off right in the middle of a call, and two separate times during the day. I would like to blame it on the touchstone--I never had a problem when I simply hooked up the phone.
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    mine was also randomly shutting off too or rebooting

    I removed the theme I had on the pixi and it stopped
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    My wife complaint about her Pixi shutting off a couple of times a day. So I also removed the theme I had put on her phone and also removed the Uber Kernel and now she's not having any problems anymore.
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    hey man the only thing i noticed about my wifes when hers would just shut down is the battery. i had to wedge a very small piece of paper between the battery and the 'side wall'. if u push the battery towards the 'pins' there is a very small gap on the other side. try it. see if it works for you.
    as for the touchstone, ive got 2 and we use both every evening, leaving our pixi and pre on them all night. they have never caused an issue.
    verizon pre 2 - 2.0, stock
    verizon pre plus - 1.4.5 various patches OC'd 1Ghz.
    verizon pixi plus - various patches, OC'd 800 mhz.
    verizon pixi plus - chillin in my sock drawer
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    mines done it a handful of time.
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