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    My Facebook mobile status alerts stopped working like a week ago. I called Sprint and they had me completely clear out my phone and that didn't fix anything. Has anyone else had this problem and found an answer to fix it? Soooo frustrating since I use the phone and not computer nowadays....
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    I've noticed that too, but dont no idea why or how to fix it..
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    I am having the same problem. It started just a few weeks ago. I found a help forum on FB where one person said that it was a Sprint Carrier issue on FBs side. No one had any idea if FB was planning on fixing it if that was the problem. I couldn't find a way to contact FB support, but if anyone knows how, maybe we can start there.
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    btw...If you "like" facebook, you will see on their page that this is one of the MANY issues they're having right now. Take a look at "known issues on facebook" page, it shows FB is aware and hopefully working on it.
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    I no longer get the alerts either (although I don't really miss them that much...)
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    I sometimes just access the web FB application when the WebOS version is giving me problems, but as far as notifications, mine are working just fine. I'm on at&t ok, maybe it has to do with a Sprint carrier and FB issue.

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