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    The Missing Sync on the Pixi hangs, doesn't launch/load and never opens. I have read the posts associated with Missing Sync, but can't see similarities to the ap not launching. Deleted, re-loaded ap, still no success. Any suggestions? About to switch to an iPhone..... though I really do love my Palms.
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    did you contact Missing Sync to get guidance?
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    Do you have a Pixi or Pixi Plus. Missing Sync only works via wifi so won't work with Pixi, only the Plus. For my wife's Sprint Pixi, we use doubleTwist to sync music, and use the cloud to sync her contacts and calendars.
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    Try installing the Missing Sync in an alternate user account on your mac. If you're able to install and launch this means that there is an app in your primary account that is conflicting with Missing Sync. Check the login items in this account and compare to your primary. Remove any other sync apps from the login items of or match what is in the alternate account. Now try to launch Missing Sync.
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    Don't give up on it too easily - it's worth persevering with.

    My latest use for it is dragging in videos from YouTube, where it converts them for the Pre

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