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    Hello Pixi people! I wont lie. Im a little nervous and since Im going to lose a ton of apps that my Pre has but will not run on a Pixi+ until we get the missing 1.4.5 update I do feel like its a little bit of a downgrade. But Im excited! Weve switched from Sprint to Verizon because my husbands company gets a discount with Verizon and my Sprint contract is up so now is the time to do it. Had I gotten a Pre+ I would have had to pay a sick deposit so I decided to give the Pixi+ a shot and if I hate it (I dont think I will once the update comes) I can always Ebay a Pre+. A major advantage is my husband who now has a Centro and my kids who have crappy phones (seriously crappy phones) are also getting Pixi+ so its a huge upgrade for them and that makes it worth it. I dont feel like Ill miss the added memory the Pre+ would have given me since Ive lived just fine with my Pre for over a year. The mobile hotspot will be nice and they are wifi unlike Sprint Pixi so Im good there. The only issue is the small screen which Ill adjust to and waiting for the update. The phones will be here on Monday!

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    you'll love it after you add preware
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    Yes, definately put preware on. I'm on a verizon pixi+ and although i haven't used a pre+ for more than a few minutes, i love the form factor of the pixi and i've gotten used to the lag, it doesn't seem so laggy anymore. Coming from a normal phone without an OS this phone does seem slow to start and use, but when you've been on it a while i don't notice anymore. Good luck! I'm sure the kids will love it.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    You guys need to put Uber Kernel and Govnah on that baby then it will be even faster no OC just runs a lot smoother
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    Oh Preware and my patches will be the first thing to go on believe me! I most likely will be putting Uberkernal and Govnah on as well. I have them on my Pre and they make a world of difference. Its like a totally different phone than it was before adding them.
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    Here is a list of patches i have refined over months of use and i keep up with the newest patches and add them if need be. They are work on the pixi (except for the flashlight app, i'm hoping he will update and i'll see it as an update in preware). I recommend them all! And where in CT do you live?

    -SMS Auto Forward/Reply

    -Uberkernel (Pixi/Pixi+)

    *Linux Application*
    -GNU Patch

    -4x4 Icons v1
    -Ad Blocker
    -Add Bing and Yahoo and Remove Twitter
    -Add Date - MM/DD
    -Add Delete Buttons
    -Add Move to Folder Button
    -Add One Minute Interval
    -Add Open URL Menu Option
    -Add Option to Send Link Message
    -Add Select All and New Message
    -Add Space Between Snooze and Dismiss
    -Add Sync Now
    -Additional Contact Labels
    -Advanced Options in Launcher
    -Alarm Daily Options
    -All-Day Events in Month View
    -Audio/Video Attachments
    -Auto Enable and Disable GPS for Maps
    -Auto Show Dialpad for Outgoing Calls Only
    -Battery Icon as Percent
    -Call Duration in Call Log
    -Call History During Call
    -Call Log Styling Mod
    -Character Counter
    -Charging Alert Vibrate Only
    -Close on hangup
    -Compose to Email
    -Copy URL to Clipboard
    -Default to Month View
    -Delete All Conversations and Texts
    -Device Menu Megamix
    -Device Menu Megamix with Media Vol Control
    -Disable Low Battery Warning Sound 20 Percent
    -Disable Low Battery Warning Sound 10 Percent
    -Enable Dialpad Vibration with Audio
    -Enable Verizon aGPS Server for Improved GPS
    -Enable Vibration
    -Faster Card Animations HYPER Version
    -Format app menu for adding date
    -Full IM Status
    -Fullscreen Mode Browser
    -Hide Amazon MP3 App
    -Hide Quick Launch Bar in Launcher Remix
    -Hide VZNav
    -Improved Edited Video Filenames
    -Improved Photo Naming PIXI
    -Just Charge By Default
    -Match State to Area Code
    -More Reminder Alarm Times
    -No Arrows or Fade Bar
    -No Auto-Answer Upon Touchstone Removal
    -No Missed Call Callback
    -Power Button to End Calls
    -Prevent Removal
    -Read/Delete All Email
    -Reset Options on Power Button Hold
    -Reset to First Page
    -Send All Contacts via Email
    -Shake to Reload
    -Share Image Message Option
    -Share Larger Videos Via Email
    -Show Actual Battery Percent
    -Show App Details
    -Sign In As Invisible in IM
    -Simple Shutter Sound Off
    -Standby Times Deluxe
    -Swipe to Delete
    -Timestamps Clean
    -Unlimited Recipients
    -Video Camera Flashlight (Doesn't work right now)
    -Video Downloads


    -The Ultimate Pre Theme Theme
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    Nice list! Does the SMS tone per contact patch and the messaging privacy patch work on the Pixi+? If not Ill definitely miss those since I have them on my Pre. I dont use a theme on my Pre right now. I had one installed that I loved and the thing wouldnt delete. Had to dr to get rid of it and I truly hate dr'ing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    The OP needs to tell her husband how cool it is that his wife is into the technology and actively participating in homebrew goodness. Where do they make wives like that? He needs to realize how fortunate he is!

    Then she needs to get him a webOS phone for him so he can retire his Centro.

    For those of you that never had one, the build quality of the Centro makes the Pre look like BlackBerry quality... which is why Centro was $99 from day one, and the Treo was $399 at launch. The Centro design definitely was missing $300 of durability.

    So hook him up!!! He deserves webOS for finding a catch like you!

    LOL! He loves his Centro so much and also loves Blackberry. I cant wait to see how much he loves WebOS! He played Need for Speed on my Pre once and was drooling all night long. Everytime I play he tries taking it from me lol. Now without 1.4.5 neither of us can play it (or Dungeon Hunter which Ill reallyyyy miss!) but Im hoping that will come soon enough *crosses fingers and toes*
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    It does, i used to use it. But then i just took it off and just use the normal text for everyone. None of those patches have ever caused problems, i've weeded those out. The sms per contact 2 patch would be better if you wanted to download. Also, i've never had anything stick.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    wow, you like video games, too? you are the perfect wife... I hope he knows that...
    I do! I was looking for something Final Fantasy/Zelda like and Dungeon Hunter and Hero of Sparta served that need quite nicely thanks to the advice from several people on this board. Not sure what game (if any) like that will work on the Pixi for now. Would like to get a racing one as well since Im losing my Need for Speed and Asphalt 5. Ill have to really check the app catalog when I get the phone and see what I can find to hook myself up until the update *cough* anyday now *cough* this weekend would be ideal *cough* lands. Oh and I also have the NESEM for the Pre but looks like that wont work on the Pixi either so while that would have helped cure my gaming urges that doesnt seem to be an option. Now that Im a soon-to-be Pixi user someone needs to get the Pixi some love for sure!
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    I normally use a Verizon Pre Plus I modified to use on Sprint. I'm such a WebOS addict that when I took a trip for a week and a half to Australia, I got a used GSM Pixi (and unlocked it) so I could try out the other form factor. I made another profile just for it so I wouldn't mess up my main phone.

    I got used to the screen size quickly, and I fell in love with the keyboard. The speed seemed fine as well, and there wasn't a stable kernel replacement yet.

    I may sell it at some point, but I'm holding onto it for now.
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    Yes, beware that overclocking is not yet available for the Pixi. You will be stuck at stock speeds.

    Although things are definitely looking up - I'd almost expect good overclocking in another month or two.

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