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    Ladies and Gentlemen I found something out the other day that I dont really think anyone know about. I decided to share this after seeing numerous threads where people where looking for touchstone compatible pixi cases with no luck.

    The Bodyglove viper series case for the Palm Pixi is touchstone compatible, My friend has one, and I took his phone and put it on my touchstone and it started charging. It is a hard case and doesnt protect the screen, but it is very slim and adds almost no extra bulge. Having this kind of case also helps from the pixi's notorious problem of the rubber backing peeling off the backcover.

    It is sold officially through sprint and since it is bodyglove it is good quality.
    If you look at the pic of the case you can even see the circular outline for where the touchstone puck should go.

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    this case does look pretty sweet...does it look good on ur friends pixi? i find it odd that the bodyglove site doesnt even have this case and have some other textured one for 29.99. with shipping this one would come to almost 20, that seems reasonable...i just wish i could see how the front looks with the case on to see what it actually covers, not just the back
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    Can you post a picture of it on your pixi?
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    Heres a link on ebay, Cheeper.

    Body Glove Viper Series for Palm Pixi CZP3579R CZP3579 - eBay (item 190372203616 end time Aug-09-10 11:22:29 PDT)

    One of the feedback says that they are "Completely satisfied"

    Sold 14 so far, i'm getting one of these right now. lol
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    i dont have it on mine sorry, but there is no front it just covers the back and sides, pretty much exactly how the pixi back cover is shaped. ill try to get a pic up as soon as i see my friend.
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    I just ran out and bought one of these at the Sprint store in hopes of saving my touchstone back cover that the rubber seemed to "peel" off of overnight.

    It saved the peeling cover; however, it did not work well with the touchstone in my car. The phone kept losing its "charging" status and then getting it back over and over again. I went back and bought a new touchstone back cover to see if that fixed the problem and it did.

    So far I am giving it a thumbs up. I wish otterbox made a touchstone compatible cover, but until then, this will work for $13. I'll take some pictures tonight and link them in. It doesn't look bad.
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    How well does the the TS hold the phone when near vertical? I wonder because I don't want my phone bouncing off while charging on the TS in my car.
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    I can't link, but I think this will work for you. Maybe one of you that has been around can link the IMG codes in for me. I'll work on getting ten posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by WESBC View Post
    How well does the the TS hold the phone when near vertical? I wonder because I don't want my phone bouncing off while charging on the TS in my car.
    I was able to pickup the touchstone while holding the phone, but any drastic change of inclination with the cover on the back, the touchstone gave loose.

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