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    Has anybody who has the latest uberkernel and govnah noticed a drop in performance with their battery and maybe a slightly more sluggish phone? I don't know if i'm just false noticing because i know there was an update, or if it really is a difference. My phone seems to be a bit more choppy in use sometimes and my battery dies pretty quick on the same settings as i had posted previously for govnah. I have my phone set on the same exact settings the only variable that changed was govnah and uberkernel. it seems to go down a percent every 10 minutes, possibly more. And i wish verizon would come out with their update already!
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    Not sure about your battery issue, maybe run JStop to see what is running in the background.

    You could try disabling Compcache to see if the sluggishness goes away.
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    It also might be helpful to restart your phone once a day. There's an app called Preset Reset which will allow you to schedule a daily restart at a time that is convenient to you. You can find it in Preware.
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    nope still running smooth and I only reboot my phone once a week and clear the history too

    same setting on govnah plus the advance setting of deadline and westwood

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