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    My wife dropped her pixi in the bathtub while dealing with our infant. the phone mostly works except you can't wake it up or put it to sleep by pushing the top corner button. sprint told use it would cost $350 to replace. :eek:

    I want to know:
    1) can a used pixi pro be activated on sprint?
    2) is there a good place to find trustworthy used, or refurbished pixi's? (other than ebay)
    3) does anyone have a pixi in good shape that they are looking to sell?
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    you can buy Pixi on Craigslist, here in market place, or on ebay. Just make sure the ESN is clean. what's a pixi pro? do you mean Pixi +?
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    home- pixi plus

    sprint told us that the pre and pixi plus cannot be activated on the sprint network
    we ordered a phone from a used electronic dealer for $120, we'll see how it turns out

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