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    Hello there,
    I'm having problem updating my Pixi, i start the updates app,
    it's opening , the circle turns round but nothing, not even
    a request from the internet, it didn't ask to turn wi-fi on.

    any suggestions?

    i'm after meta-doctor and my version is 1.4.3.
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    Pixi doesn't have wifi. Unless it's a plus?
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    is there a way that i can restart the profile wizard and complete it
    with WIFI even if i don't use AT&T? if so, how?

    i have a pixi plus.

    10x GuyFromNam.
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    if you cant update for some reason then you may have something wrong. is your phone active with an account AT&T Sprint or Verizon? You may need to hard reset your pixi down load your proper doctor then back up all your data you then want to remove the battery then put it back in with the phone off hold the volume up button plug it in to your computer when the screen shows the big USB symbol then start the WebOS doctor if your phone is not active with a provider then you will need to use the activation bypass hack
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    remind me who Max is, please.

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