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    I recently purchased a pixi plus, and i thought that i would it was the gaming fone......and i thought wrong when i installed preware, i love love love brothers in arms for the iphone, and then i saw it and then i touched it and hit install. but then the it said "this game isnt for your model". Agghhhh so annoying right? in the next update Palm please please please put 3d gaming pixi plus is currently running on webOS verson-1.4.3. I've done my homework and it is rumored that 3d gaming should go on the next version

    Can some 1 give me an estimate of when the update will hit on ATT?

    Please Please reply
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    It will come on the second Tuesday of next week

    But seriously no one knows exactly when it's arriving
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    O thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmlover123 View Post
    I've done my homework and it is rumored that 3d gaming should go on the next version
    Not rumored it's a FACT and is out for all Pixi users other than those in the US.... there are many threads on this and nobody knows when we will see the next update.
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    why would you think the pixi, with it's small screen and all, is the "gaming fone"? Shoulda done ur research *before* you purchased...not saying it was a bad purchase at all, just that you shoulda done ur research
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    While i was talking to Palm the person said it was a phone for great games i didnt no about preware and all of this stuff when i was making my purchase then about a week after my purchase i learned about preware and precentral and webos-internals. so basicly i should of none better to research homebrew. plus screen is 2.63 in. and pre is 3.5 so there could be "other versoins" like for example.....gameloft mite make there games to have a pre version and a pixi version.
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    Yea, i am very satisfied with my purchase. My expectations were exceeded after maybe 30 mins after when i got the phone. I started to use it and realized that it was complex but rather simple.

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