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    my treo 750 was starting to have some issues and falling on it the other day didnt help. it would have been nice to get an android phone for the large program library, but i wouldnt use most of them and i like the treo/pixi (plus) body style. and there you have sure now that ive placed my order, something better will be announced very soon...

    so, if anybody has tips, program suggestions, or whatever id like to hear them.
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    tips - enjoy it. another tip - search
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    yeah, i do have one specific question but im sure theres an answer already. ive found one, but i want a free answer...
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    if you use Outlook as your default PIM manager on your computer, buy Chapura Sync Manager PocketMirror for Palm Pre/Pixi (WebOS), the best wireless sync solution on the market. It syncs contacts, calendar, notes and task entries flawlessly. I recommend it ($39.99)
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    preware, UberKernel, and Govnah

    I was unimpressed with my Pixi until I installed all three

    love it now

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    Yeah Preware is the bommmmmb!
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    I forgot to mention, once you install Preware, go to: available packages -> Patch -> App Launcher and install the 4 *4 icon, it'll allow you to allocate more icons on the Pixi's small screen and take advantage of much real estate ok. Good luck.
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    Get YouView for visual voicemail, the Facebook Beta App, Twee or Tweed, and Pandora.
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    if your coming from Palm OS, get the MotionApps Classic emulator for Palm OS, I love it as I'm able to run 3 basic programs for which there is currently no replacement for WebOS: Password Plus, Documents to go and eReader.
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    i saw mention of preware some time ago while browsing the forums. it seemed cool, but i never looked far into it. ive heard of the 4x4 patch as well, but again i didnt look at it much. thanks to all for all your suggestions.

    hopefully a program comes around soon. ive been using that for a few years and prefer it over pandora. im not trying to stray from the original topic much, but is the google latitude working yet? i looked at some other threads earlier and they were using 'latitude assistant' (i think was the title) but the threads kinda died off...

    again, thanks everyone.
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    you are most welcomed!
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    my pixi arrived on friday and i had some time over the weekend to check it out. preware was a major help, thanks again for the tip. i found programs for shoutcast and and a patch to add a specific ringtone for unknown callers. the only other thing i want is the mobile hotspot, but it wont install. that seems to be a common issue so there is probably a fix.

    overall im pretty happy with it. my treo 750 seems so bulky and heavy now that its hard to believe i carried it around for 3 years. thanks again guys.
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    any time.
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    does this mean that you can now also edit office files ?

    the lack of editing office files (word, sheet) is one of the reasons i would go straight back to Android once they launch a querty candybar la pixi

    cheers hav fun
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    First thing I would do is put some kind of case on it. Maybe it's the fact that I'm paranoid about dropping and breaking it (happened to an electronic of mine before), but it really can't hurt. You can find rubber cases for a few bucks on eBay or Amazon, and they make the Pixi much easier to grip and hold onto, IMO.

    The only other thing I can suggest in my week of owning the phone is to take an hour and just explore all of the different patches and apps that Preware has to offer. It's amazed me how entirely customizable this software is, to the point that you can make it look very dissimilar to the default factory settings.
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    i was looking for cases earlier. i found one that i liked, but people complained about not being able to hear it when it rings and some had issues with getting the phone out of the case in time to answer it (if they did hear it). if you happen to have any suggestions, post links please. i kinda like this one /8Tv3

    i have been trying to go through all the preware patches and programs. its cool that there are so many, but at the same time it kinda sucks going through them all.

    i was browsing a forum (possibly this one) earlier and saw a lot of people claiming webos to be better than android. i have used android for maybe 20 minutes total so i cant compare, but webos has solid potential. its unfortunate that it hasnt been pushed very well.

    back on subject...the tips and tricks section was also helpful. theres just so much information to go through...

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