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    so i'm considering buying the two fish cover but i'm wondering if the magnet that covers the usb port is the same as the regular touchstone cover? it keeps falling off and i don't feel like replacing it if it does so i'd rather know before i buy it.

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    The Pixi Artist series backs are made from a harder material than the standard (non-TS and TS) backs. The USB door is not fixed to the rest of the back. It is quasi-hinged and has a magnet to keep it closed. When the back is off, the door can be completely removed. I've seem posts here that indicate the door may fall off and be lost fairly easily.

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    Op wants to know if the metal on the USB door is embedded or glued on. If it's glued on as it is in the standard touchstone back, than it is just as poor made.
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    The design of each back (Standard, Touchstone and Artist) is different. To answer the question, I've looked at all three. The Standard back seems to have the magnet molded into it. On the Touchstone back, it appears to be surface glued. On the Artist Series it is definitely glued, but is recessed into the USB door.

    The Artist Series backs are not pliable like the other two. Flex-stress of the USB door is unlikely because it is a separate piece of hard plastic. If you twist it, the door will either fall or break off. If you want it to last, my recommendatation is use the Artist Series backs only with a Touchstone, and as a fashion accessory.

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