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    So my roommate has an Android phone with a little app called Gmote. It allows him to set up a server on my computer and he can then use his phone as a remote for my media center - play movies, access the web, all kinds of great stuff. It is quite possibly the most useful mobile app I've ever seen.

    I was wondering if any similar app exists for WebOs.
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    there are several remote apps in the app catalog or homebre. VLC remote Boxee are two I can think of right now.
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    Do you have any opinion as to the best one?
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    And wow, I don't mean to be harsh to WebOS developers...but every one of these apps is like $5+ when Gmote offers way better functionality FOR FREE since Android was introduced. What gives?!
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    maybe the want to make money...

    theres one for squeezebox too... I cant think of any others but I know they are there
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    i use xbmc remote lite.
    very good app, very simple to use, and of course free...
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    i use media remote
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    I'd really like to try out RemoteWin Lite, but it's apparently expired? And the developer, Deep Though Software, does not provide an email address for me to enquire about the lite version. At $10 for the app, I'd really like to know how well this thing works on my Pixi before purchasing.

    Anyone use RemoteWin on their Pixi and can tell me if they'd recommend spending the $10 for it?

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