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    My pixi seems to be getting really hot litterily! I will use it for a little while and it would get really hot! I checked govnah and it said it was 47c!(114farenhiet)
    is that bad? What temps should I be concerned about?
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    47c~50c you should get a temp warning patch before you brick your phone
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    I do have the temp warning patch on it never warned me lol so 47-50c would brick my phone eh?
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    My phone sits around 35c. I've never really had it go higher than like 40.
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    Yeah too high of temperatures can damage the internal parts. The temperature which will actually 'brick' your phone may be anywhere between 45C and 90C (90 degrees being a point where some solders can melt).

    Under most conditions the phone shouldn't go above 40, if you experience abnormally high temperatures try removing and reinstalling the kernel.

    Excessive heat can be generated from other source as well, such as the comm board (so if your using Pandora or another constant internet accessing application), and the environment (keep it out of the sun). If a restart does not fix the problems, you could look into Doctoring your phone, sometimes that proves useful as a last resort, and will help you determine if the problem is your phone or some configruation/apps on your phone.
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    The temp patch goes off too easily, and sometime does get annoying. I would recommend the batt icon patch in preware. Ps. I've seen my friend pixi heat up to sixty degrees all the time. These phones are not easily brick.
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    I think it's my constant web browseing =P
    But I'm gonna delete some apps and hope that helps.
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    I've only had the warning patch go off once, and I was talking on the phone for 30 mins sitting inside my car eating lunch in 99F weather.

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