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    Hey everybody. I have a palm pixi and it is lagging quite a bit and it is just getting annoying. I have been browsing around the forum and have seen uberkernal pop up a couple of times. How do I go about getting this on my phone. I apologize I am not very good at stuff like this. Thanks for any help in advance.
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    search for getting started with home rew. You need to install preware, and you get uberkernel from preware.
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    Hi RobCons, and Welcome to the P|C forums!

    I'll post the link below for you, but because this is an area that can cause you to damage your phone if not careful, you REALLY need to read up on kernals and overclocking before you jump in. There are many many threads that explain this area and the risks involved. Please be sure to read up. Follow the directions in the link below for the safest of the kernals. There are a lot of threads explaining the use of the Govnah app, so please be sure to search those threads for answers also.
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    Thank you for your help and concerns. As I stated im new to this stuff and really appreciate the quick respones and cautions. Thanks guys im gonna start reading now.

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