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    My Pixi the other day said that I had full 3G coverage, and yet when I tried to send a text, it told me that it could not be send (gave me the grayed out text with the little triangle in the bottom of the text) and whenever I tried to send an E-Mail, it wouldn't let me send it. Whenever I tried to make a call, it said that I had full coverage and yet it just said "Connecting" the entire time, for about 1-2 MIN! and it never went to the part where it did connect and let me make the call. Then I rebooted it, and it worked just fine. Anyone else having this problem?
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    sometimes phones need reboots, it's not a pproblem if it only happened one time and a reboot fixed it
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    Thanks, but I just got this phone like under a week ago. I don't think that that was the problem. It might have been, but I think that it was something else.
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    Nah it's probably just needing a reboot.
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    it was the first time,,wont be the last time,,does not matter if it's brand new or a yr old.

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