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    I have a Pixi and want to install Uberkernel. Seems like it has worked good for a lot of people, but I just have a few questions to make sure that I've got the right stuff in my head.

    1. It can't technically overclock the Pixi CPU so its pretty safe
    2. Since its not overclocking the CPU the CPU isn't getting much hotter than it would stock, therefore not really reducing the life span of the phone.
    3. It is like most patches with AUPT so it doesn't need to be removed before a web os update.

    I orig had a few more questions, but forgot them. Anyways thanks for the help...sorry if this stuff was already buried somewhere.
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    I advise you to search the forum for UberKernel and read the entire official thread. Seriously, it's best to know the complete story upfront, and judging by your questions you haven't investigated this thoroughly.

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