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    Hi my wife has a Pixi and an array of touchstones (thanks, Verizon). However, I've been trying to find her a pink case that doesn't require removal whenever she wants to charge it.

    Does anyone know of any Pixi case that's touchstone compatible (preferrably offered in different colors). Seidio has the innocase, but that's only offered in black, oddly enough...

    Thanks in advance.
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    sorry man, i think you can get a pink touchstone back from the store online, though it is expensive, and definitely use a screen protector... but the way my phone looks on the touchstone, it seems unlikely that even a case that wraps only around the edges will allow the connectors to touch.

    Just make sure she has a touchstone in the car, that way she doesn't do what everyone else does... i.e. put it in their lap and then step out of the car and fling it.
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    Spraypaint! :P
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    just these
    Palm Pixi Artist Series | Palm USA
    here is a link you can buy them at

    Also if you just want plain colored ones...

    Pink is out of stock but says 28th so who knows, could try ebay also.

    I wish they had some more manly options, like a dark BLOOD red or maby navy or forest green. All these colors are..... not what I would use
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately she's already run through two pink touchstone backs that mysteriously keep peeling off (oddly enough the black touchstone back that she has resorted to is staying intact...)

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