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    I want to pull the trigger on one of these apps. I want to use it for pretty much everything, IM+ lacks facebook support, but i'm hoping it may have it in later updates. I love IM+ on the iPod Touch but anybody with details feel free to chime in. Mundu IM looks pretty legit also, but i am unfamaliar with the company, or which is more functional. Do you think the next palm update for verizon will incorporate any more IM's? Help!
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    i've used both IM+ and Mundu IM and I'd recommend Mundu, especially if you use MSN or FB. both are pretty bare bones IM apps but Mundu is a bit nicer and they seem to still be putting effort into making the app better.

    and for verizon adding more options, one can only hope.
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    Mundo.. Im+ quit trying.. Never really did.
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    The best solution is Greg's messaging plug-ins. IMHO, neither Mundu nor IM+ are production ready. Greg's messaging plug-ins is the most flexible and stable solution.
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    do I find those on preware? And if so under what name;
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    Mundu IM is a nice app its still in its first release so has a couple bugs and lacking features the bug i have noticed is that once in a while it will hang while logging in to your accounts other then that its been good. But you cant change the sounds or junk yet but i think in time they will add that (i hope) but i can tell you this as soon as Palringo if ava. for the pre i am going over to that SO MUCH BETTER
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzukiGS750EZ View Post
    do I find those on preware? And if so under what name;
    No, they're not available for download in Preware. Search here on the forums for "messaging plugin" and you will find it. It has to be installed via WOSQI or via the new Preware install package feature.
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    They added link support and a better more readable ui.
    also time out timer.. not sure if that was there before.

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    No it wasn't. Neither was the select a sound option.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    Yep Mundu is finally usable.
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    yea I like the update still would like to use custom sounds and they need to do something about the notification system if possible
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    The update is an improvement. I wonder how they came up with those sounds. Anyways, is the timestamp option new?
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    webOS 2.0 has the necessary APIs to integrate new IM protocols into synergy automatically.

    In webOS 2.0, we're opening Synergy up to our developer ecosystem, so your customers can pull more of the web onto their phones. You'll be able to develop Synergy connectors for Contacts, Calendar, and Messaging--and later, for other webOS data types as well. Using the new Synergy APIs, you can let your users:

    Connect to your chat or IM network from the webOS Messaging app
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