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    does anybody know why this app does not work at all please help
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    which app are you referring to? I believe radiotime has scanner feeds try that one.
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    the scanner stream app thts in beta
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    I haven't tried that one. THe app catalog has radiotime you can install to your pre and then login to the website from your desktop and configure your streams. I think it has access I am on my way out the door now but give it a try.
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    k thanks
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    radiotime a good app but needs live fire
    feeds of kent county and sussex also new castle delaware.
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    Radiotime works great. I tried contacting the programmer of the Scanner app, but he never got back to me.
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    can't wait until palm release the adobe player for our phones lol
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    radio reference has a useable mobile web site and includes lots of police scanners to stream. Its not pretty but it works.

    RR Mobile
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    I'm glad RR moblie works on ur phone lol I do have the pixi would tht do any thing

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