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    I just got an pixi+ for friend on ATT, I have a pre, so here are some of my observations:

    1. Pixi has a higher pixel density, so looks sharper

    2. Pixi has an exposed keyboard, so universal search is a much more convenient way to operate the phone than Pre, which, IMHO, is how webOS supposed to work. For this, I think Pixi+ is a true-r webOS device than Pre.

    3. Pixi keys are taller and easy to press, however, the dot on "F" key is less prominent when you feel it by fingers. So, when you try blind typing, Pre might be better, just because you can locate F key faster.

    4. you can turn on Pixi+ in two ways, power button, ringer off/on switch, while you can turn on Pre in one more way: slider, The more, the better, since hardwares do fail from time to time.

    5. Pixi+ seems consume battery slower.
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    I have owned two PRE's and now a PIXI.

    I first owned a Pre six months ago, and loved it. However I broke two of them in four months and so swore off the Pre's. They seem very weak in the slider area. The first one got off angle and stuck. The second started separating. I was sad, and frustrated so I swore off the platform.

    I went back to my previous platform of Windows Mobile, but this was an older phone and behind the times. Well this phone must have felt dirty, because it decided to do a belly flop into the sink as I was washing dishes. GRR, time for another phone, fourth in six months.

    Anyway while at the Sprint store I wandered over the the Palm section while waiting for help and started playing with the PIXI. I had previously disregared the PIXI because the screen was small. I wanted a big massive screen, and was shopping the EVO, but since I am still new to Sprint, it would have cost me $400.00, no way.

    Disappointed I went home and went online to Ebay and started hunting for a new phone. I was shopping Androids and the new EVO, but kept thinking about the PIXI. I found them online and picked one up for $105.00.

    Now after that long rant I must say that the PIXI is the best phone I have owned and I love it. The PRE does have a larger screen, but I am ok with that.

    Comparing the PIXI against the PRE

    -Much sturdier. I am not concerned about my phone anymore. That whole slider thing is just too problematic.

    -Thin. The PIXI is so thin compared to the PRE which has to be larger due to the sliding keyboard. I love how thin the PIXI is.

    -Keyboard. Although actually smaller than the PRE, I find that the keyboard is actually easier to use as it is flush with the rest of the phone.

    -Less system crashes and hangups. The PIXI seems to be less prone to crashes and hang ups. I remember my PRE would get stuck several times a week, which coming from Windows Mobile is no big deal. However my PIXI has only hung up once in the two weeks I have owned it. Supposedly the PIXI has a smaller, less powerful processor, but I can not tell and it seems to handle things better.

    -Battery Life. I have noticed that my PIXI's battery seems to last much longer, about a day and a half compared to not even a day with the PRE.

    -Better Screen. Despite a smaller screen, the pixel's seem sharper. I watched a video, and it looks very clean.

    -Screen Size. Obviously the PRE is larger. I have found a few programs which are not formatted for the PIXI which is frustrating. This seems to be with mostly the older software, anything new seems formatted for both. As I was previously shopping the EVO, even the PRE's screen looks small in comparison. Really though I have had no problems with the screen size, it is adequate, but we all want a big screen.

    -Coolness. There was something cool about the PRE's curved slider that I miss, despite being so problematic.

    -In call cheek dialing. I have noticed I have to be more careful while in a call, the sensor that tells the screen to dim when something is in front of it seems a bit slow and does not always registrar.

    -Name. Seriously, PIXI.
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    Loving my Pixi. Yes I am a guy and own a Pixi, get over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davecttt View Post
    -Name. Seriously, PIXI.
    This is seriously one of the worst marketing decisions I've ever seen from a company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraMav View Post
    This is seriously one of the worst marketing decisions I've ever seen from a company.

    clear that they targeted a female audience. Pre and Pixi both sound feminine...
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    I have used my daughters pixie. And while I think it's a nice little phone,u could not pay me enough to give up my pre for it. It's gonna take alot more then saving myself a split second to use universal search.
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    1. not that sharper as the for pixi is lower than pre's;
    2. pre's keyboard is a beiju;
    3. same as above;
    4. really not that convinient to turn on pixi;
    5. of course
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post

    clear that they targeted a female audience. Pre and Pixi both sound feminine...
    What's feminine about the Pre? That one's just odd to me, not indicative of targeting the female demographic.

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