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    Only had it about 30 minutes but have noticed a few problems and good things too already.

    1) Very few PDK apps available for the Pixi (I could only find one) which is a real disappointment as I was hoping to install all the old ones I had on my Pre, though I guess they will come eventually.

    2) Got the "Too Many Cards" error immediately when trying to load Assasin's Creed Altair's Chronicles HD (the only PDK app I could find), though it did work in the end WITHOUT a reboot. Continued getting the "Too Many Card" error throughout the game, however it did not close the app (did it do that before? I can't remember) but instead paused the game, meaning I could click OK on the error and then continue the game. The game itself becomes slow when fighting enemies, and comes almost to a standstill when fighting multiple ones, hope this gets sorted soon.

    3) Horrific battery drain. Dropped about 30% in 20 minutes (maybe less) of playing the game.

    Anyone else noticed any nice new features or issues?
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    Well, welcome to battery drain while playing world
    The TMC error should be fixed by using a compcache kernel. Just hold on a little.
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    what is so special about webos 1.4.5
    wht are the pro's and cons
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    or wht comes in the new package
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    hmm now I'm debating updating when 1.4.5 is finally a new kernel available for it yet?
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    any other PDK games for pixi crop up yet?

    I just won a sprint pixi on ebay and I want all the pixi news I can get!
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    Thanks for posting your results so far. Do you know if Sim-3 will install?
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