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    please webos we need to have the
    ablity to zoom. in and out to take pics
    and as well as video tape. thanks.
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    I agree. Even though it would be a digital zoom which would achieve the same thing as cropping on the computer because it has a fixed lens, it would still be more convenient.
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    I wouldn't ever bother with digital zoom.
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    That would be great if it came with a better lens. Heck, maybe HP will purchase Bausch & Lomb or Kodak next for optics.
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    is it possilbe to download software
    for zooming for camera and video
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    Without new hardware enabling optical zoom, any zoom capability would simply degrade the image.

    You can actually zoom still images (after they are taken) by using finger/stretch on the touchscreen. If you want to save the zoomed image just do a screenshot.
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