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    I started to notice a problem with my Pixi yesterday evening. When I try to Open the launcher from the quick launch bar I sometimes will have to hit it three or four times before it launches, same for email minimized notifications. The up swipe opens the launcher just fine and the touch screen seems to work as well, tested it through the ##TEST# menu. One more note, this morning it was ungodly slow so I did a battery pull. When I turned it back on instead of a black background with Palm in the center I got a 4 quadrant multicolor swirling background with palm in the middle, don't know if it is related but thought I would share as it was quite a surprise to me.
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    Do you have any of the pixel-reducing drag patches installed?

    These are patches that reduce the drag radius so it is harder to get a "sloppy" tap in.
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    Actually, the reduce radius patches make it easier to get a sloppy tap, meaning it will be registered as a drag instead of a tap more often.
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    removing the patch seems to have solved the problem.
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