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    Okay the wifes palm pixi plus is deleting gmail on the phone and on the server. I thought gmail was imap by default and therefore it didnt have any direct correlation like a pop3 email has. i could be completely wrong because i know nothing about emails; but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. thanks.
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    You have that backwards. IMAP allows the device and the server to interact (to put it in basic terms) in that if you delete an email on your device, it will delete on the server as it is basically a live connection between the two. POP settings are not this way in that mail is downloaded to your device to view off-line. Once you download the email to your device it is independent from the server (if you delete it on the device it has no effect on the mail server's content).
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    There is a setting in the email options for the account. Scroll down and it will ask if you want it to be able to delete on server or not.

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