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    My girlfriend tried giving me a charlie horse with the back of her heel while we were laying in bed and her feel met my screen head on. No damage, no spots or anything. I've hit the keyboard, i don't know if any of you are serious into knives but if you are you've probably heard of the benchmade griptilian, i switched out the pocket clip on mine to a flat black benchmade one, which scratches things easier than the painted one they come with, and i ran my phone down it because my carge pocket on my shorts and my pocket i keep my knife in are close, ran the knife down the clip and no scratches or anything. Really awesome. It swings in my pocket and hits wall corners and stuff. I take good care of my stuff but accidents happen. Now on the other hand, my girlfriends phone has the ringer switch problem. Really annoying! Anybody know if the hit from the heel could have done damage inside or just the screen? I took the touchstone back off and saw no damage.
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    wow thts good to know I'm bad with cell phones lol this is my first smart phone.
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    Haha, i'm very careful with my phones, except with the occassional charlie horse wielding girlfriend lol. I usually use my phones to death, but never abuse them. With no flip on this phone i don't see it wearing out. The ringer switch concerns me though.
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    Wait....You're in bed, with your phone and your girlfriend? If she was trying to give you a charliehorse, you must have had your phone in your front pants pocket.....I'm confused.
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    She was laying lengthwise on the bed, i was laying sideways on the bed watching TV which is diagonal. It was in the cargo pocket of my shorts.
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    Mine looks really beat up, as it's got a large crack in the bottom right corner on the front face (extends just barely into the gesture area).

    That being said, for all the times I've dropped it (which I usually don't do, but for some reason have a bunch with my Pre), it's been rock solid. I mean, I dropped it once onto concrete on a very steep hill, where it proceeded to bounce and roll down about fifteen feet from me, and still going strong, with no oreo effect.
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    I dropped my pre 3 times from like 5 feet nothing wrong with it

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