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    Just through the day, usually messaging, clear card, and email are the only ones I leave on consistently. But there are always spurts where Im researching something and may have 3 or 4 browser windows open, along with twitter, newsroom and others. Then once Im ready to get back to work these get swiped away (unless I want to leave the browser window open or some such to revisit it later).

    Ive never had a TMC a single time since launch day on 5 phones... these are sprint pres, and my usage hasnt really changed all that much, just the apps I use. Now I have tweetme for twitter, before I was using the browser... so on and so forth. I dont even know what the TMC error looks like... never seen it.
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    I have often gone for days keeping the phone around zero cards open - constantly swiping away things that were open. Recently I have experimented with keeping more applications open. This tends to reduce the lag time required for an application to start and maximizes the phone capabilities. Lately I have had the following open most of the time:

    email, screen & lock, jstop, phone; clear card; browser on favorite forum

    additionally sometimes I have the app catalog and preware both open as well

    I have the verizon pre-plus which seems to be stable with loads of apps. Experimenting I have had over 50 cards open at a time without loss of stability. Around 60 cards the phone crashed LUNA.
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    I only leave out the significant ones.. For example> Precentral forum, twitter, facebook, etc. It's quite easy to get to an application with webos, you don't have to leave out any card(s) if you don't want.

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    usually nothing if im currently not using it at the moment.
    if driving, usually some mapping program.
    and while sports is going on i have sports live on. but not the card usually.
    clear card once in awhile for the time in a big font.
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    btw i wish clear card was clear the way weatherIcon is clear when it starts, and not just a altered image of your background. still clever, but should be truly clear.
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    Funny you should ask. Right now I have four cards open: Feeds Free, Twee, Precentral, and Google Maps. I also had email, Tranzit, and Scratchpad open when I got the dreaded TMC error which is why I usually just keep Twee and Feeds Free open.
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    I can't really tell if leaving cards open whether the phone is active or not... drains the battery.

    Any thoughts -
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    Always try to close all apps...
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    I keep ZERO cards open. You can't physically use but one app at a time. The whole "multitasking" thing is pretty stupid.
    Just because running multiple apps is the ONLY thing a Palm Pre does fairly well, I don't feel the need to use it to justify continued ownership of this piece of *****.
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    ^^ I still love this piece of **** though.

    Note: I really need to run a test for myself regarding this issue.
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    None. I my dash to be completely clean if i'm not doing anything at the moment.
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