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    I was just wondering what particular method other pixi users like myself that are overwhelmed with all the development for webOS (yay) are doing to make sure they can take advantage of the newest and latest of the code base.

    Do you troll news sites like this one?
    Do you simply surf the app feeds on PreWare?
    Do you follow forums?

    I guess I'm just curious because now that I have pillaged the backlog of patches/kernels/apps, I weas wondering how I was gonna keep myself up to date without reading forum after forum and manually browsing through the app feeds in PreWare.

    Thanks for any replies.
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    I know it's totally backward, but I tend to look for specific apps/patches/tweaks whenever I want to do something my phone doesn't, or when I find something really doesn't work "like it ought to". Quite often someone else has already solved the problem, and if not I'll see if I can find a workaround myself. If I come up with anything interesting, I'll try to post it back here.
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    i don't. i have a few like 4 by 4 icons and silent charge sound but that's about it. honestly it's too much of a hassle to me so i just don't care anymore. I'm not really into all that stuff. i just kinda want the phone do work the way i want it to. but not enough to hassle with it too much. Right now if preware doesn't update what i have it doesn't happen. I don't even check new patches anymore.
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    I follow precentral and webosroundup in the news room app any more suggestions would be welcome, hard to find good, updated feeds/news
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    Listening to the podcasts, is a good way to keep up.
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    Search for way I want the phone to work exactly how I want it to.. i got like 72 preware stuff installed. I search the specific pixi forum of this site like ever couple days and the un offcial pre central app. and preware and the app catalog newest updates
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    Great replies, thanks. I didn't know precentral had a "newsroom" app so thanks for that tip. I guess one could check. Another tactic I have found usefull is just login to preware and tap "List Of Everything" and just scan through what has been added. I'm sure I'll tire of that eventually and just stick with searching but it's nice to have now while I'm still in the honeymoon stage.

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