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    is there any one who know's how to get the pdf viewer back on the phone with out going threw the app catolog
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    please help
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    you have to doctor your phone
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    you have to doctor your phone. No easy way
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    This is a similiar thread and they used the repair utility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deputy40 View Post
    is there any one who know's how to get the pdf viewer back on the phone with out going threw the app catolog

    Try running it through webos repair utility, that should do the trick, without going through the hassle. It will replace any modified or missing things in the device. Give it a try. PS. If that doesn't work, then it's straight to the doctor office.

    Good luck.
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    thanks everyone for ur help
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    did you get it back?
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    actually there is an easier way and it doesnt require the doctor...

    you simply need to perform an "erase apps and data" aka the partial erase then sign back in with your profile and viola it will be back =)
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    my father said he can do a webos utily
    fix tomorrow
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    Threw =/= Through

    Just sayin'
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    a webos utilty repair
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    repair utility is awesome, it works. Just had to use it cuz I forgot my pre was plugged into the pc while running glary lol ooops
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    thanks every one for advice but lol now every time my phone re boots it not on my launcher. Any clue why
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    *posted from another thread - dunno if you still need the info but i figured it might help someone*

    had this problem awhile back - from what i understand, the pdf viewer isn't deleted when you delete the icon, it just now becomes hidden. what i did was hook up my pre (in developer mode) via usb to my pc and use webosquickinstall to send this file by clicking on the menubar, then tools, then receive file:


    to my pc desktop, then edit it with notepad/ wordpad by deleting the only item that was listed:

    [ ]

    then send the edited file on the pc desktop back onto the pre via webosquickinstall by going to menu, tools, send file:


    then reboot your pre. the pdf viewer should now be back permanently - well assuming you install the do not remove pdf viewer patch in preware asap, lol. dunno why palm allows the option for the pdf viewer to be hidden/ "deleted" in the first place - seems a bit silly.

    this is how i remember fixing it if i recall correctly. let me know if this works for you as well.
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