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    So, obviously I am new to the WebOS realm, and being a previous Palm customer I've grown accustomed to getting the most bang for my buck with the help of the homebrew community. I'm investigating govnah and kernals early because I hear they can dramatically increase performance and battery life. However, since I'm still very new I'm not entirely sure what all the settings do just yet.

    Can anyone point me to a guide, or give me a rundown of the most important options? Better yet, does anyone have some suggestions for optimized performance/battery life profiles?
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    In addition to the standard govenors the webOS internals team created a new govenor called screenstate, which works well for a lot of people. The conservative govenor is popular with some to improve battery life. Much depends on which device you have and how it reacts to the kernel and the various settings. Also you need to decide what you want the kernel to do for your needs. A good place to get caught up on the different settings people are trying is here:
    Many of us are still experimenting to find what works best.
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    You can't currently overclock the Pixi, and it's already doing some frequency scaling by default, so there may not be much battery life to be gained. However, the UberKernel for the Pixi is worth looking into if you've been running into the too many cards errors with only one card open. The UK has the ability to modify the way the Pixi uses memory (via "compcache") and also modifies the methodology for calculating when too many cards have been opened.

    You can get the UberKernel through Preware.
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    ^^^Good catch, I missed that the OP Has a Pixi.
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

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    So are you saying that I shouldn't really experience any significantly increased battery drain by locking the phone at 600 mhz? Would that be a good idea for a general speed increase? I've noticed that my phone gets much hotter (obviously) when I have it set to that - usually hovering in the high 40s during some heavy use.

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